Welcome every body to the impressively service and reasonable price in Luangprabang

1. Lao Tradition Massage

–    Sokjalern Massage offers a variety that provided customers with choice. Our massage staff all received training. Massage from the experts. So you can be assured that our Services are certainly a standard level

that accepted from domestic and oversee visitor, every one said the same word as impress to the technical and attractive perfume of herb oil massage such as:

1.  Aromatherapy massage

“The relaxation that comes with the skin, our selection of oil extracted from seeds of rice enriched with Vitamin E to nourish skin. Flavored with lavender oil, Eucalyptus oil, Philip Darling Harbor, and clove oil. That helps to relieve stress. Stimulate the respiratory system and inhibit bacterial combination with specific massage techniques to help relax the tension from the muscles while the oils help to balance your mind.

2.  Foot massage

“the rest of the travelers, starting with the care wash the feet with warm water. By clearing the area and stimulate the feet and foot massage. After the foot reflexology area to help balance the various organs in the body. Concluding the piece lower leg massage, shoulder and neck to feel refreshed after a massage.

–   Massage Menu as below:

No Spa and Massage Time Price Unit No Spa and Massage Time Price Unit
1 foot massage 1 -Hour 40,000 kip 10 facial scrub 40 Minute 50,000 kip
2 body massage 1 -Hour 40,000 kip 11 herb massage 1 Hour 80,000 kip
3 oil massage 1- Hour 50,000 kip 12 body scrub with herb massage 90 Minute 150,000 kip
4 aroma oil massage 1 -Hour 80,000 kip 13 thai and herb massage 90 Minute 70,000 kip
5 thai massage 1 -Hour 40,000 kip 14 lao and herb massage 90 Minute 70,000 kip
6 lao massage 1- Hour 40,000 kip 15 oil and herb massage 90 Minute 90,000 kip
7 head and shoulder massage 1- Hour 50,000 kip 16 aroma oil herb massage 90 Minute 120,000 kip
8 foot and shoulder massage 1 -Hour 60,000 kip 17 oil massage with facial scrub 90 Minute 90,000 kip
9 thai and lao massage 1- Hour 60,000 kip 18 aroma oil massage with facial scrub 90 Minute 120,000 ki


2. Laundry

–   Our main point we press the clean and good smell of the clothes, dry on appointed time. If your clothes tore or damaged of our service caused we would free repair and if in case of critical damaged we would pay you or buy you new one.

–   Our service cost is 10,000 kip per 1 kilogram

3. Internet


–    Run fast on your click with high speed Internet, full signal with out down you can use a short time to down load, find out your data and full function of head phone and clear cam to chat, talk with your lover.

–    ​Our service cost is 100 kip per minis or 6000 kip per hour only.

4. Ticket and Tour Service



–   You can book or buy bus and Air ticket for domestic and abroad in company price here. We also serve to pick you up to your departure.


>>> We have printer, Scanner and CD, VCD for burn, over see call phone, coffee, sandwiches and fruit juice to serve you too.


You can find me here mate

27/2 Visoun Village, Chaozompou St, Luangprabang District and Province Tel: 020 22 137 888, 020 22 157 888, Email: sokjalern@gmail.com


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